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Our BBA certified Blends (colours)

Our Resin Bound Stone System is easy to calculate. The customer chooses one of 16 BBA equivalent Erinstone colour blends. the Installer calculates the area and we supply all the materials you will need in multiples of 3.5m2 kits. Best Quality Materials Supplied. The strongest UV resistant resin on the market and highest quality cleaned, dried and bagged aggregate Instructions on how to lay: strong mixes, and consistent colours Advice on using our product: In working hours we are only a phone call away Practical training: Bring your team over for hands on experience and tips on avoiding problems Equipment Hire: Cheaper than buying your mixer and the diver can stay and give advice on how to mix Finders Fee: Don't fancy laying yourself - you still get paid! Job partnership: We price up the job together, install the job equally, split the profit. TAALK TO US ABOUT HOW TO LAY IT PROPERLY AND EFFICIENTLY

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