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So, what is Resin Bound Stone?
Resin Bound Stone is mixed gravel aggregate bonded with a clear resin binder. This process basically binds the stones together to form a slightly flexible, durable, but solid layer of beautiful surfacing in a variety of colour options. Check out our range.
How much does it cost? Is it expensive?
It’s not very expensive compared to other materials and labour costs. If it’s a solid base, you can lay the Resin Stone directly on top which reduces the overall costs of labour and ground work.

If you need to make the ground solid by putting a layer of Sub Base and Tarmac, it can increase the costs slightly. However, in the long run it can last longer, is more durable and of course, looks much nicer than traditional tarmac or paving.

Why is it better than other options/materials?
There are many reasons why Resin Bound Stone is superior to other options. The first obvious one is that it look much better and has a natural look. It’s permeable and porous so allowing water to drain through completely. With regular cleaning, weeds will almost certainly not return, it never needs to be raked or neatened up, is UV protected and will not face, It comes with a 15 year guarantee and can work out cheaper than other surfacing options, when first laid. Once you factor in any hassle and the costs needed for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of these traditional materials over the years, the actual cost to the customer will be considerably cheaper. It can also add more value onto the property than with traditional, less attractive products.
Can it be laid over my existing surface?
If the base level is stable, we can lay the Resin Bound Stone directly on top of it and can turn most domestic drives around in 1 to 2 days! For a quote you can complete the following form:
How much maintenance does it need?
There is little to no upkeep for Resin Bound Stone. With regular cleaning, you will be virtually weed free. It might need a power wash every year, but basically no maintenance. This is why more and more people are choosing this option.
Does Resin Bound Stone surfaces last long?
All our work is guaranteed for 15 years, however, if well cared for, can look just as great after 25 years, which is much longer than any of the alternatives.
How long before I can drive on it?
You can walk on it after 4 hours, and drive on it after 8. For best results , we advise to leave it for 24 hours.
Does it let water through? Does it form puddles?
Resin Bound Stone is completely porous. It lets the water straight through, acting in a similar way to grass or soil, meaning no puddles or unpleasant water build up.
Will it fade over time in the sun?
As it’s a natural stone product, the material doesn’t fade over time. There may be some minimal colour change but nothing particularly noticeable.
Should I consider laying it myself?
People can lay it themselves thinking to save money. However, we find the tools and experience involved never really produces a great finish. By all means, if you are a DIY expert and have all the appropriate tools, give it a go. We can always help you fix it if it doesn’t work, as expected. Also, we think you need a minimum of 3 people to lay the surface before the resin starts to set. Good luck!

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